• Muthu Vivek

Is the stock Market risky? Will I lose money in it?

Almost everyone who is new to investing in stocks asks me the very same question, " Is investing in stock market risky? " The question makes sense and it needs an answer that well explains the reality.

Yes! Stocks are risky.

The one sentence answer does not make sense until someone knows the entire story. A lot you would have been riding a car or a bike for a quite a period of time. There is always a probability that we might meet accident while driving. Is the probability stopping us from driving a car or a bike? I think the answer would be no. You can lower the odds of meeting a life threatening accident by wearing a helmet, by keeping your vehicle in a good condition, by servicing it regularly, by following the rules of traffic. Even if you follow every rule and take good care of your vehicle, it is not 100% sure that you will not meet an accident. All you can do is take steps to keep yourself away from meeting an accident.

Let alone driving, even walking on a road is risky. According to statistics, there are 1 in 647 chances that we might die while walking on a road. If this stops someone from getting out of home and stepping on the road, then you would think that person is too crazy. But, in reality, a lot of people are hysterically crazy when it comes to stock. Yes, Stocks are risky, but only for people who do not know how stocks work. It is not risky for a guy who has knowledge about the stocks. He still has the chance of losing money in the market but he knows how to navigate through the market in a strategic manner, than being emotional and speculative. By learning the concepts of the market and its dynamics, one can exponentially increase his or her odd of profiting from investments in stocks.

Here in 1317 Stocks, you learn all the concepts you need to know to trade in the market successfully. You are guaranteed to become a trader who enters a position with a reasoning and exit a position with reasoning and never be emotional or impulsive while making investment decisions.

Happy Trading and Investing !!!


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