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1317 Stocks offers Trading/Investment coaching for all levels of people starting from someone who has no knowledge about investing to someone who wants to further develop their trading/investment skills.


Our Background

Like most of the students in India who take Engineering without knowing what they are passionate about, I too took Engineering. But, half way into Engineering, I realized that my passion was financial markets. I started trading stocks having self-taught. Trading stocks was an adventurous and an emotional roller coaster. By 2017, I dreamed to do a masters' degree in Financial Markets and Investments. In 2019, the dream became a reality and I flew to The United Kingdom and am currently doing Msc Investment Analysis at Aston University, Birmingham.

Having struggled without anyone supporting me through initial days of trading, I did not want someone else to go through the same pain I went through and that is how 1317 stocks was born.


Why choose us?

Simple and Clear Explanation

We explain the concepts by breaking  them down into the smallest component and explain each and everything in a language that everybody can easily understand.

Weekly watchlist

To make the analysis easy, we help you by providing an updated watchlist before every monday. The complete reasoning for every stock present in the watchlist will be provided.

Learning from the comfort of home

You can learn the concepts of investing and trading without having to leave your home. All you need is a Laptop/PC with a reliable internet connection.

LIfetime Support

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace. We offer you support throughout the lifetime. You have the right to ask any question and will always get all your doubts cleared.



A single profile does not suit everyone. Hence, a variety of membership plans are available tailored to your experience in investing.

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Little or no knowledge about the market

For beginners, we assume you know nothing and we start from the scratch. You get to know the foundations of investment in a manner that you can easily understand and apply the concepts you learn in an easy manner.

₹ 3,999 /- One time fee


Trading/Investing experience of less than an year

Intermediate is designed for traders/investors with a decent knowledge about investing, who is making profits on an irregular basis can take this. Although, it is highly recommended to take up beginners membership before an intermediate membership.

₹ 6,999 /- One time fee

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Screenshot (265).png


At least more than an year of experience in Trading/Investment

Advanced is structured in such a way that is suitable for people who make profits on consistent basis but have little understanding about Portfolio Construction and Risk Management. It is recommended to take on the above two memberships before joining the Advanced, since this is highly complex for someone with limited knowledge.

₹ 12,999 /- One time fee



The Answers You Need

Is there any pre-requisite to join?

The beginner membership plan is for someone with no or very limited knowledge about the stock market. So, people taking up beginner membership have no pre-requisite.

Can I start making profits?

We guarantee you a world-class education that will make you profitable. Although, the performance purely depends on your trade execution and your level of risk-aversion.

What if I am not satisfied with the education?

Though we are sure you can get clear explanations, you can enroll for the webinar any number of times you want. If you want even more care, you can schedule a call with us and get your doubts clarified instantly.




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